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Materiathek Veranstaltung "meshwork" on 17th January 2020


Meshwork: Materials as processes, material processes, materials in process within artistic practices

Workshop, 17th January 2020
9:30–12:30 Session: Alliances.
13.30–16.30 Session: Interfaces

On the concept of meshwork, the research project Materiathek. Material Archive initiates a transdisciplinary workshop to investigate material processes and their artistic applications. During the work session, we aim to articulate different material practices, to focus on Tim Ingold's concept of meshwork through case studies, and to recognize modes of action for material transformation. The anthropological term meshwork is understood as the dense tangle produced by involved beings in their becoming. In this process, they create weavings of entangled lines that grow, move, and interrelate. For our meeting, we will pay attention to these different roles and modes of alliances and junctions within artistic processes.

To guide the conversation, we propose the following questions: How do our different perspectives on the subject help us to expand the idea of the meshwork? How could the focus on knots and crossings of a meshwork help creating a different perception of artistic practices? Which tools are sufficiently flexible to establish a context, connections, and offer possibilities to expand the topic?

By presenting our perspectives in short dialogical presentations on materiality and their processes in the morning, we intend to discuss alliances of the meshwork in the arts and our modes of collaboration. In the afternoon, we will explore different ways to display material processes and how interfaces could help to exemplify these in an analogue-digital-networked environment.


9:30 – 12:30 Session: Alliances

9:30 Introduction MESHWORK – MATERIATHEK with Lilian Haberer, Anke Eckardt, Karin Lingnau, Johannes Hoffmann, Agustina Andreoletti

10:00 Presentations & group discussion ON ARTISTIC MATERIAL PROCESSES with Adele Orcajada and Purva Chawla, Markus Joachim and in dialogue with Alexandra Grein, Hans Bernhard, Jacqueline Hen Different approaches and examples of material processes are introduced through short presentations and followed by an open discussion.

12:30 – 13:30 Break

13:30 – 16:30 Session: Interfaces

13:30 Micro lectures PEER-TO-PEER PREPARATION In groups of two, we consider what kind of knowledge is important to open new spaces for collaboration.

14:45 Open discussion ACTUALIZATION All participants will be able to engage in a discussion on how to approach practical issues and to develop methodologies for material entanglements.


Workshop Überlegungen/Notizen