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siehe: [[Themen/Sätze_Sammlung_für_dialogische_Einleitung#aspects_.2F_terms]]
siehe: [[Themen/Sätze_Sammlung_für_dialogische_Einleitung#aspects_.2F_terms]]
====[[Workshop Meshwork Einladungstext & Schedule]]====
====[[Workshop Meshwork Einladungstext]]====
==== [[Workshop Meshwork Teilnehmer*innen|Teilnehmer*innen]] ====
==== [[Workshop Meshwork Teilnehmer*innen|Teilnehmer*innen]] ====

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siehe: Themen/Sätze_Sammlung_für_dialogische_Einleitung#aspects_.2F_terms

Workshop Meshwork Einladungstext


Friday, 17th - Schedule

9:30-10:00 - Introduction

  • morning
  • greeting (Karin), short: about the project (Lilian)
  • introduction round (all)
  • aspects/terms (everyone alternating)

10:00-12:30 - dialogues/alliances
moderation/timing (Agustina)

  • Adele Orcajada (MaterialDriven, London);
  • Markus Joachim (ETH, Zürich)
  • Anke Eckardt/Hans Bernhard (information and collecting; storage medium, agency);
  • Lilian Haberer/Alex Grein (archives/artistic archives);
  • Jacqueline Hen/Karin Lingnau/Johannes Hoffmann (process of translation/topic of material fiction);

group discussion: following every second dialogue (also 15 min plus 5 min change of equipment)

12:30-13:30 - Break

13:30-14:45 - Microlectures
5 min explanation what is a microlecture? (Agustina)
Exploring different ways to display material processes and how interfaces could help to exemplify these in an analogue-digital-networked environment.

  • 5 min to find the team
  • groups of two
  • 10 min preparation
  • 5 min each person to talk to the other, 30 to 45 min alltogether
  • how to present it to the others? each group 3 min, 30 min alltogether

16:00-16:30 - Discussion and Resumé
(Moderation Karin)