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[[Maschines and Technologies@lab|machines and technologies]]  (CNC: [[lasercutter@lab|lasercutter]], milling machine, [[3D printer@lab|3d printer]]; lathe; electronics, arduino etc)<br>
[[Maschines and Technologies@lab|machines and technologies]]  (CNC: [[lasercutter@lab|lasercutter]], [[CNC Machine @lab]], [[3D printer@lab|3d printer]]; lathe; electronics, arduino etc)<br>

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Topic Material & Materiality

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Material Introduction, approach to material and materiality

Material families / taxonomies
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Terms, relations, references


Aspect of experimenting and making

machines and technologies (CNC: lasercutter, CNC Machine @lab, 3d printer; lathe; electronics, arduino etc)



other references

Basic seminar, summer term Material und Prozess
Research group Material & Materiality, summer 2020

Research project: Materiathek – Material archive. Material perception in artistic processes