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Materiathek. Material perception in artistic processes. Material archive in the fringes of the arts.

Within the research project, we dedicate to perception and looking into material as basis for artistic production and practice. A central focus lays in a collaborative and transdisciplinary approach which draw together the knowledge on new materials, so called immaterials, speculative materials as well as ephemeral materials and their potentials of transformation.
Complementary to existing material discourses the topic is negotiated from the perspective of modes of action in art and an artistic processuality. The realization of the Materiathek is thought as a collection of research material and results, in an analogue, digital and cross-linked way.

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The research project is dedicated to the observation and investigation of material as the basis of artistic production and practice. A major focus of the project lies in a transdisciplinary and collaborative approach that aims to bundle the investigation and knowledge of new materials, so-called immaterials, speculative and ephemeral materials and their transformation potentials in the arts.

// Kommentar: noch aus den Anfangstexten unserer Forschungsvorhabens, muss aber nicht auftauchen in der Einladung
The perspectivation from various artistic-scientific experimental perspectives creates intersections in the understanding of materials in various disciplines such as the visual arts, architecture, design, natural sciences and technological materials research.



ETH Zürich
Markus Joachim
Dipl.-Ing. Arch.
ETH Library, Department of Information and Learning Environments

Adele Orcajada

Markus Rigert
Gewerbemuseum Winterthur

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