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+++ some thoughts on immaterial materialities +++

web3 discourse can be seen as emblematic for "immaterial materialities" the idea to put everything on the blockchain just because we have that technology elevates technology from mean to end.

different strands of new materialism... some try to find a common theme in relationality based on intra'action. some of this thought is based on or lends itself to post-marxist anticapitalistic thought.. but then a lot of web3 can also be "justified" in new materialist manner, e.g. crypto-terms like "decentralization", "non-hierarchical" resemble ANT... in this way new-materialist thought contributes to the left-washing of crypto venture capitalism - people find themselves wondering if capitalism, the market "ecosystem" or amazon-the-company's "organism" are, in the end, merely intra'acting forces? ..