Soo yeun

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Open Lab (2019)

Individual Project (Clock)

(The title isn't yet fixed)

People know how to show time (or number) with finger and understand this finger counting gesture intuitively. Imagine when your mouth is full of food or when your friend is outside the window and ask you what time it is, then what would you do?
This project is an installation with the shape of hands which shows the local time in different countries. The hour will be expressed by perfectly unfolded fingers and minute will be shown by the degree of unfolding fingers. 24 hours will be converted into 12 hour cycle.
I’d like to show you that people accept intuitively finger counting gesture without any education. I think the reason is that people learn this counting gesture inductively from daily life like when the leaves quiver, people know the wind blows. I’m quite interested in these phenomena that people accept something intuitively through repeated and consistent experiences. With this Theme I'd like to reinterpret the acceptable thing that people experience unconsciously in everyday life.

Idea Sketch

Counting with Fingers in Different Countries

Technical Research