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KHM @ CityLeaks Akademie - Portal #11

Wormholes in urban space
Tobias Hartmann, Karin Lingnau, Max Schweder, weitere Lehrende

Fachseminar Hauptstudium und weiterqualifizierendes Studium Kompaktseminar
07.06.2021 bis 11.06.2021
Bahnbögen Köln Ehrenfeld (Hüttenstraße)

with Bidisha Das, David Sandoval, Emil Adam, Hye Jung Sin, Jee Soo Hong, Jeff Schaul, Josh Gutowksi, Kihuun Park, Naoto Hieda, Rebecca Beauchamp, Sebastian Marin, Soojin Ok, Yue Wang.

The KHM is part of the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival Cologne with this years motto Simul et Singulis from 07.06.2021 to 11.06.2021. It will take place all day as part of the CityLeaks Academy 2021. Transdisciplinary approaches establish the ground for a dialogue of artistic and scientific positions on the thematic field of "Urban spaces: utopias, open spaces and densification". Central location of the festival are the Bahnbögen in Cologne Ehrenfeld. Approaching the space by using the idea of the portal, by connecting the digital with the analogue, the actual site with digital counterparts, the site itself becomes a place for testing, enabling and playing in different worlds and states of mind. see also entry on the exMedia Blog.

Over the course of the week, one of the railway arches on Hüttenstraße will be transformed and played in with elements such as light, sound, kinetics, text, AR, animation... Starting points are questions about correspondences between the actual places on site, with architectural, material and digital locations overlapping and conferring with each other, triggering transformation processes of existing open spaces and thinking about personal, common and urban utopias.

Current and utopian, real and fictional spaces, be it visualized or made audible, will be explored and experimented with, with a wish to incite thinking about the potentialities of the space inhabited, participated in or visited in this week.

During the week the artists can use the free commons tool ALL YOUR BASE, a mobile media-art installation that combines everything necessary for interactive digital art on a mobile platform: a tactical tool for spontaneous audio-visual media art in urban spaces. ALL YOUR BASE was developed and realized by CYLVESTER, together with the project partners urbanana and visit_NRW during CityLeaks Urban Art Festival 2021.