Materiathek--issues and queries

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Collection of issues and queries surrounding the topic of materiathek | material archive

comment: there are different possibilities to sort these questions

  • depending on each participant
  • focus of work
  • by main topics like immateriality, phenomenology, practicality, speculation etc

a first list of questions


observations of material (and their definitions or ascriptions)
  • what are or can be divergences and confluences between digital and physical material?
    • what is immaterial, digital, invisible, indeterminability etc.?
    • and further on for me, how do we approach fictional and speculative aspects?
    • what are the perceptional aspects of materiality?
    • what are the semantic aspects?
    • how do we combine or relate these?
    • how do we define physicality and all overlapping, intersecting, negating, grazing features to the non-physical?
material in processes, material as processes
  • what are the core aspects of artistic processes considering the material aspect?
  • can start and end points be made visible/readable/perceptible in any form? are there start and end points?
  • what is the "inbetween" of material? are these the processes or different states?
  • what are relevant categorizations? what kind of taxonomy is sensible or practical?
    • are descriptions in an archive/collection enough?
    • what kind of digital, tactile, linguistic tools can be combined or are necessary for a diverse approach?
  • what kind of observations and experimentations are possible in respect to time, process, change?
  • is there a question of time or temporality in general?
aspects of activeness, agency ...
  • what are terms of acting, with and within and outside of material aspects?

Question and Quotations

"What is tree and what is not tree? Where does the tree end and the rest of the world begin?" - (most probably by Tim Ingold)

Not only look at the connection between different materials but also how to characterize differences

What is an artifact in comparision to a material?