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ALMAT - Continuous Exposition by Hanns Holger Rutz et al.
xCoAx 2020
Mentalformen und Psychogone - Ressort eBooks - Paranormal Deutschland
Jule Eisenbud collection on Ted Serios and thoughtographic photography
Ted Serios - Wikipedia
Chizuko Mifune - Wikipedia
Thoughtography - Wikipedia
N-Strahlen – Wikipedia
Polywasser – Wikipedia
Kalte Fusion – Wikipedia
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Kunst und umzu: Fantastische Maschinen
The Magnetohydrodynamic Drive Is Real—and You Can Build One | WIRED
EYES: kinetic sculptures that use air, water, and motors to breathe life into inanimate objects / Boing Boing

A Theory of Reality as More Than the Sum of Its Parts | Quanta Magazine
siehe auch Judea Pearl: causal calculus, logical language for studying causal relationships (1990)

Digital Alchemist’ Sharon Glotzer Seeks Rules of Emergence | Quanta Magazine
Wormholes Reveal a Way to Manipulate Black Hole Information in the Lab | Quanta Magazine
Does Time Really Flow? New Clues Come From a Century-Old Approach to Math. | Quanta Magazine


MIP*=RE and quantum computing

Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » MIP*=RE
A Masters project | MyCQstate
Landmark Computer Science Proof Cascades Through Physics and Math | Quanta Magazine
Mathematicians Grapple With Sudden Answer to Connes Embedding Conjecture | Quanta Magazine

quantum computing 101
quantum toolbox with experiments
Quantum-entangled light from a vibrating membrane | EurekAlert! Science News
New laser technique will allow more powerful -- and smaller -- particle accelerators | EurekAlert! Science News
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Language of the birds - Wikipedia
The Mysterious Language of the Birds – Mysterious Writings
New metasurface laser produces world's first super-chiral light | EurekAlert! Science News
The cascade to criticality – Department of Physics | ETH Zurich
Black holes? They are like a hologram | EurekAlert! Science News
'Whispering gallery' effect controls electron beams with light | EurekAlert! Science News
Applying 'magic angle' twistronics to manipulate the flow of light | EurekAlert! Science News

sacred geometry, pinterest images, links
sacred geometry

rainfall estimation algorithm
Examination on accuracy of the radar rainfall estimated by using Korean dual-pol radar rainfall estimation algorithm

material-property prediction
With their algorithm for material-property prediction, Dr. Yury Lysogorskiy and Dr. Thomas Hammerschmidt of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation Icams of Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) won the second place in an international competition on machine learning

a talk by Philip Ball (british science writer) about his book of the same name, 2011
Unnatural: The Heretical Act of Making People

Philip Ball about: A new experiment hints at surprising hidden mechanics of quantum superpositions
Quantum physics may be even spookier than you think

again Philip Ball, about cell cycles and mechanisms in materials
the benefits of disorder
Rupert Sheldrake, insbesondere: Dynamic Patterns in Water as Analogue Models diverse Videos