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Specific material and material groups

Rubber - Fun, Fashion, Fetish, Janet Bloor, John D. Sinclair, Thames Hudson 2004

"Handbuch Material Technologie. Rat für Formgebung/ German Design Council", Nicola Stattmann, avedition 2003
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Kunststoff Lefteri avedition.png
Kunststoff. Material - Herstellung - Produkte, Chris Lefteri, avedition 2022


Refuse design-exhibition1997.png
Refuse: Making the Most of What We Have - First European Arango International Design Exhibition, Ed van Hinte, Judith Arango, Cultural Connections 1997

Exhibition catalogue, Eindhoven, art and design projects. More information following soon


Art-in-the-age-of editors-ayas-hoare-kleinman witte-de-with2016.png
Art in the Age Of..., Ayas, Hoare, Kleinman, Witte de With Publishers 2016

A catalogue (published on occasion of three exhibitions at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, 2015-2016) concerned and investigating about future aspects of art production in the 21st century. Corresponding to the topic of plastic the article about "art in the age of energy and raw material" features e.g. two relevant art works:

Lightness hinte-beukers 010publ-2005.png
Lightness: The Inevitable Renaissance of Minimum Energy Structures, Adriaan Beukers, Ed van Hinte 010 Publishers 2005