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1. Ecosoum Project (startup) https://www.ecosoum.org/

Sum (administrative division) (сум; also spelt "soum") of Mongolian inhabited areas, both in Mongolia, in the People's Republic of China (Inner Mongolia), and in Russia

Ecosoum is an association for transition and local resilience based on ecological and solidarity values. Located in Khishig-Undur Soum. (Goal of the project is to make the Soum into a model of the autonomous and sustainable community). Project Eco Soum also built the same shredder from precious plastic. Here is the video:


2. Nomads and Plastic

Deadly plastic containers - MN.jpg
World vision - plastic awareness poster.jpg

Nomadic people in Mongolia used metal, clay, wood, and leather liquid containers for centuries. Today the modern nomad uses plastic containers for their water and dairy production. Only in recent years people have become worried as the containers which are not suited for food, made them sick. Nomads are used to having 3-PVC, 7-Other, and 6-PS containers in their daily life. Researchers found out that just having liquid in such plastic containers can make the liquid extremely contaminated. They found large amounts of chemicals such as lead, nitrate, ammonia, etc. Today this issue is being widely discussed and raised awareness on social media platforms all over Mongolia. Deadly containers are cheap and even found as trash, while nontoxic containers are sold at a high price, which makes the rural population have not many choices.