Smart Technologies

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This book is a general introduction to intelligent or smart materials, systems and machines. Presented in understandable and non-mathematical terms, it is for anyone who is interested in future developments in these fields or who needs to be briefed on the current status of these interdisciplinary technologies. The intended audience comprises physicists, engineers, materials scientists and computer scientists of all levels, from undergraduates to post-doctoral practitioners.


• The Smart Approach — An Introduction to Smart Technologies • Sensing Systems for Smart Structures • Vibration Control Using Smart Structures • Data Fusion — The Role of Signal Processing for Smart Structures and Systems • Shape Memory Alloys — A Smart Technology? • Piezoelectric Materials • Magnetostriction • Smart Fluid Machines • Smart Biomaterials — “Out-Smarting” the Body's Defence Systems and Other Advances in Materials for Medicine • Natural Engineering — The Smart Synergy