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Follow these Steps, when using the 3D Printer in the Lab:

  • Make Sure that the correct filament is inserted and that enough material is left on the spool
  • apply a little spray of "3D Lac" to the glass printing bed
  • fire up your slicing software, import your 3d model
  • check your model orientation, slicer settings and finally hit the slice button
  • go to the preview and observate how your model will be printed out if you are unsure slide through all layers to inspect them
  • hit the print button and watch the printer starting
  • if everything looks right, wait until your print is finished
  • when the printer is done, knock your part of the buildplate
  • with bigger parts or if you sprayed a little to much, it yould be necessary to take out the glass surface to be able to apply mor force
  • if necesary from time to time clean the glass plate in water

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