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Sommer 2023



first meeting, who is who
exmedia lab rundgang


introduction of projects/ ideas etc
approx. 10 minutes each

first round:
- Marzi: Installation made from recycled plastic, plastic tunnel
- Shu: "Liminal Beings", film made with Unreal Engine 5 -> installation
- Juho: Zeichnungen digitalisieren/reproduzieren/experimentieren
- Amon: verschiedene Elektronikprojekte, Schattentheater, Netze/Selfcare, Computerspiel
- Chanmin: Film und Text (experimentell). Plan Druckexperimente mit unterschiedlichen Methoden, basierend auf Iterationen


introduction of projects/ ideas etc
approx. 10 minutes each

second round:

- Jeo
topic "labyrinths", nature/human-connection

- Benita
topic: "information war", using diverse online data sets, trained chat bot with open ai, implemented in telegram. question: how to transfer it into open, public space, not only online.

- Theo
1 ultrasonic frequencies and feedback, performative instrument

2 bread dough embossed with stamps, first experiments made with 3Dprints or wood carving technique
comment K: just one other example: https://www.dasbackstuebchen.de/rezept/springerle-selber-machen

- Amelie
1 nipple-ashtrays, questions about doing it gastronomy-usable

2 performative project about spirituality and self-care, happening in capitalist surroundings, platform tik-tok. spiritual journey on tik-tok, collecting life. going into advertising, collecting, archiving, selling it.
3 microcosm, micro-ct, pseudomorphose, crowcore

- Kyuwon
secure space equipment and extension of the body first project: blue mask, with manual

more projects/artefacts following


Naoto exam rehearsal



there are tickets for the fair Interzum:

  • interesting because of the possibility to speak to a lot of production companies and component suppliers, for information, samples, addresses.
  • plus one exhibition space around material and sustainability: topic of "neo-ecology/ circular economy":

meeting there: 14:00, south gate

Interzum-exhibit.jpg Best-chair.jpg


no seminar this week


Pavel: development of VR-project with multitude of sensory experiences in a staged space

materials, processes, observations from the fair

Naoto dinge.jpg

for the following weeks:
any ideas for workshops/ experiments/ things to try out together/ talk about...?


Anna Comiotto: short intro to her workshop next week

spontaneous moulding process: silicone moulding
by lex & amelie

Moulding tools.jpg Moulding tools2.jpg Negative form-outer shell1.jpg Negative form-outer shell3.jpg Other materials for forming and moulding and examples.jpg Negative form-outer shell-bottom sealing.jpg

(photos by naoto)



Anna Comiotto
radio vom rhein

Am Rheinufer liegen Sand und Geröll: Quarz, Schiefer, Bims, Achat, und anderes. Manchmal wird lavaähnliches, poröses Material an den Strand gespült, Kohle und Schlacken, die als Reste aus Verhüttungsprozessen anfallen. Sie werden mit Draht, Spule und fliegender Antenne verbunden, dann mit einer Graphitnadel berührt, so dass Radiowellen im Schalltrichter hörbar werden.

more images following soon...

Annacomiotto-radio vom rhein-1.jpg Annacomiotto-radio vom rhein-2.jpg Anna-workshop-foto-by-naoto.jpg


Kompaktseminarwoche, kein Open Lab


what about "Rundgang"?
plans, projects, ideas, questions....

and: for the last three seminar dates?
possibilities: introduction to riso, second part of how-to-do-moulds (e.g. with alginate), project-questions/status, ...


moulding part 2: quick moulding with kneadable silicone


  • small objects 2-5 cm
  • if available: cookie cutters as the casting form or small plastic bottles/packages

some results of the workshop

silicone and plaster

Mould-experiment-k1.jpg Mould-experiment-k2.jpg Mould-example.jpg

kneadable silicone (experiment by theo)

Theo-mould-experiment1.jpg Theo-mould-experiment2.jpg


obsidian and mindmapping with our texts/ topics/ tags

Obsidian for Beginners: Start HERE — How to Use the Obsidian App for Notes
How to set up zotero with obsidian?
How to Install Zotero, BetterBibTex and Zotfile
Academic paper to Zotero to Obsidian to LaTeX (Word, etc.) workflow

preparation for a flyer: eg with risograph


risograph introduction
making the flyer/ something for rundgang



preparing the space and the experiments/ works/ situations