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bootfähigen USB-Stick erstellen

GNU/Linux- Distributionen

Debian Eine der ersten, wird bis heute noch nach den Grundsätzen des Debian-Gesellschaftsvertrages weiterentwickelt. Debian Stable bedeutet auch wirklich Stable

Devuan Debian ohne systemd, ein dyne.org Projekt

Einfach bedienbar aber nicht ganz so frei

Ubuntu Das Bekannteste (basiert auf Debian)

Mint Das Einfachste (basiert auf Ubuntu)

lightweight extra für ältere Hardware

Good Life Linux ganz klein und schnell (basiert auf Devuan)

bodhi Linux https://www.bodhilinux.com/

speziell für Kulturarbeiter

openArtist Multimedia (basiert auf Ubuntu) http://openartisthq.org/

  • openArtist tries to collect and combine creative software into one distribution, ready to use. Some of these programs are just not found in Ubuntu/Debian repositories, are built from scratch and packaged into openArtist’s repository. Also the Personal Package (ppa) archives play a siginficant role in openArtist. Canonical has made a fine invention when setting up Launchpad and their ppas. Many people build their own versions of programs, drivers etc, and openArtist tries to use the best ppas around to provide a stable, up-to-date distribution and program base.

Ubuntu Studio Multimedia https://ubuntustudio.org/

  • Probably the most popular multimedia Linux distro, Ubuntu Studio has been a part of Ubuntu family since 2007. Therere aiming for stability, or upgrade every nine months to keep up with new Ubuntu releases and features. Like its Ubuntu cousins, Studio is simple to use, and should you require more apps, theyll find both Darktable and Rawtherapee for RAW photo editing, Kdenlive, Pitivi, and Openshot for video editing, and a long list of audio tools, including complete workstations like Ardour and Rosegarden. Among the most interesting apps is Synfig Studio in which you can make your own high-quality 2D animations.

KXStudio fokussiert auf Audio (basiert auf Ubuntu) http://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/

  • If youoldt feel like installing a whole new distro, you can just install KXStudio Catarina, Catia, and Claudia re helpful for all patchbay management tasks, and the main Cadence interface lets you control JACK. Another fantastic app from the selection is Renoise, a proprietary digital audio workstation with a tracker-based interface and a ton of effects and plugins.

Apodio Multimedia (basiert auf Ubuntu) http://www.apodio.org/doku.php

  • I can see why anyone would be skeptical about Apodio. The website looks like its been around since the early 2000s, and itll ever need, and theyt be disappointed if yous based on Debian and uses Enlightenment as the main desktop environment, with a few KDE apps thrown into the mix. The software collection is massive, and you can choose between a regular and a real-time kernel.

io GNU/Linux Multimedia- Live Distro (basiert auf Debian) http://io.gnu.linux.free.fr/

  • However, it seems that the main point of io GNU/Linux is to be one of those distros you can run from a USB drive. Instead of regular installation, the idea is to use io GNU/Linux in , which means copying the distribution to a portable drive so that you can work in it on any computer.
    • Highlights: io GNU/Linux strikes a fair balance by offering the classics (Openshot, LiVES, Guitarix, Rakkarack, LMMS, MyPaints a highly specialized distribution for animation, 3D modelling, compositing, digital painting, and image editing. It makes sense for Iro to contain only a handful of relevant apps, since a visual artist would not have much use for a bunch of audio production tools.

Iro spezialisiert auf 3D-Modelling, Compositing, digital painting, Bildbearbeitung - Live Distro (basiert auf Ubuntu) http://www.iroos.net/

  • Iro is based on Ubuntu and supports only 64-bit systems. The maintainer states that Iro is still a work in progress, but you can use it normally without any severe issues. The only tricky part is the nonstandard installation. Iro uses Systemback, which is primarily a backup and restore application, instead of Ubuntuve successfully gone through the installation process, yous not a secret that Pixar and DreamWorks have used Linux in their projects, so you should definitely give a chance to the distributions presented here.

outdated but wonderful

dyne:bolic für Kulturarbeiter und Medienaktivisten

puredyne Distribution für Künstler, bzw. Kulturarbeiter

Distributionen zum Schutz der Privatssphäre

tails The Amnesic Incognito Live System (basiert auf Debian)

heads Ähnlich tails aber frei (basiert auf Devuan)


OpenWrt Der Rechner als Router... https://wiki.openwrt.org/de/start


Kali Linux, speziell für Penetrationstests und digitale Forensik umfasst (basiert auf Debian), siehe: https://www.kali.org/





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